Cost of extra prints

Borderless A3                                  £16 each or £40 for 3

Borderless A4                                  £10 each or £25 for 3

10 x 8 inch                                      £8 each or £20 for 3

8 x 6 inch                                       £7 each or £17 for 3

7 x 5 inch                                       £4 each or £10 for 3

6 x 4 inch                                       £3 each or £10 for 4

Custom crop                                Cost determined by crop size

You will immediately notice that these prices are very expensive compared to many of the printing companies available online, and this is to cover the costs of printing on a small scale rather than mass production. As you will own the high resolution JPEGs, and therefore have the option to print via a third party, we are happy with these prices.

All printing is high quality; using Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II in a Canon Pixma 10S (10 ink cartridges) Printer.

Extra prints will NOT include strut-mounts. Some ratios will possibly require a different crop to the ones you saw at the presentation

Shoot only portrait package High Resolution JPGs £10 each or £40 for 5