Passport Photos

FAWtography Example.jpg

We will produce for you, four passport photographs cropped and printed to strict government guidelines. Each individual image is exactly 35mm by 45mm, is photographed against a light grey background and is printed in high quality ready for you to cut out for your passport application. We use the templates from the government website to ensure that the images exactly match the given criteria. We leave it up to you to adhere to the guidelines for dress and hair style.


Template 1

After the photograph, available real time on a 27" screen, is chosen and approved by you we will crop the image to meet the required standards.

eyes central.jpg

Template 2

We will back-up our crop measurements with the second template that confirms both eyes are within the shaded area. This is the template officials will use.


Template 3

The 3rd template will check that your eyes are level and the crop has allowed enough distance between your eyes. The center of the 2nd eye must fall inside the shading.

The total cost of the package is just £5.00. The images will be stored at FAWtography for one month (the time limit between the photo being taken and application made). Should you require extra or replacement copies for any reason within this time, they will be charged at £3.00