These are the basic Photo Shoots on offer. Select any to see a detailed breakdown of the package.

Studio Hire

Standard shoot up to 6 subjects

Standard shoot 7 - 10 subjects

Short session shoot

Super fast portrait

Shoot only portrait

Pet portrait

Cake smash



Cost of extra prints

Borderless A3                                  £16 each or £40 for 3

Borderless A4                                  £10 each or £25 for 3

10 x 8 inch                                      £8 each or £20 for 3

8 x 6 inch                                       £7 each or £17 for 3

7 x 5 inch                                       £4 each or £10 for 3

6 x 4 inch                                       £3 each or £10 for 4

Custom crop                                Cost determined by crop size

All printing is high quality; using Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II in a Canon Pixma 10S (10 ink cartridges) Printer.

Extra prints will NOT include strut-mounts. Some ratios will possibly require a different crop to the ones you saw at the presentation