How to take great photos of your children or pets / by Fran Weaver

Many thanks to everyone who has read our Blog explaining how to capture a great image.  I know in days gone by when I was a young and inexperienced photographer and mother of young children, my camera was always at the ready but so often I was disappointed with the results.

So here goes! This is a very basic untechnical intro for those who just want a lovely image of their oh so cute children or pets!! I bet you keep your camera in Auto, am I right? Ok for now we’ll do that but mark my word by the end of this simple tutorial you will no doubt have the confidence to change that and create the image that is in your head.

Subject placement - Commonly known as ‘Rule of Thirds’

When you look through the viewfinder or mobile camera, mentally divide it into thirds. Many cameras have the option within your camera menu of turning ‘on’ Grid, this will help a great deal.



This is so important as when scanning images, our eyes naturally focus on thirds without us having any idea! The red spots are what we call ‘hotspots’. When you take a photo of your child, or any other subject matter, try to get the most important part (always the eyes for portraits) to lay on a hotspot however, as you see below with Marley (the dog) the thirds line goes straight through his eye and it actually doesn't matter that the hotspot is a little off.

hotspot example.jpg

So, you have learned the first step to great images, how simple was that!! My next blog will cover how to bring your subject into perfect focus and 'de-clutter' You will learn in very simple terms: To de-clutter for a posed photo; How to hold your camera correctly to reduce camera shake, which is a huge contributory factor to blurred images; how to focus your subject and how to keep your subject crystal clear whilst blurring the background, which believe me is not as difficult as it sounds. Most importantly enjoy playing with your camera. If you practice what you have learned today it will become natural to you, causing your less to think about when you follow my next Blog. Have fun playing!!!